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  • smart slimline organiser for your plastic card.
  • Greeting cards
  • Glimmis reflector brooch. A simple yet stylish life insurance.


Functional products with creative design

We develop everyday functional products that also give that something extra and create a little happiness in your day. They may be already existing products, but we transform them with our  creative and colourful designs making them not just functional but also desirable. We like to put the ‘fun’ in functional.
An example of this are our cool Glimmis reflectors. Instead of a reflector being something that is advisable to wear, our Glimmis reflectors have become a product people want to wear. We have revolutionised both the Swedish and international market to become market leaders. Read more

Download our Glimmis catalouge 2015 (pdf)
Download our Handy Holders catalouge 2015 (pdf)


GoVest™ - Cool vests with reflectors

Why should safety be boring? Why are all safety vests so big, uncomfortable and yellow? Can’t you be both safe and stylish?
Well, now you can. Our designed vests fills all these functions. They are comfortable, has a great fit and look good, and makes you more visible for drivers when it is dark outside. The vests are great for walking, running, cycling and riding a horse or motor cycle. The best thing is that you can wear them regardless of season, you can wear it on top of a winter jacket as well as a leather jacket or a dress.

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