Our retailers Plånka - Det smidiga fodralet till fickpengar och plastkort.

You can find Popomax products both in larger chain stores and in smaller shops across Sweden. Our motto is to be creative, open and aware of your company’s needs, to create a successful cooperation for delivery and high quality products.


In Sweden you can find our products in:

Sport stores
Book stores
Baby and Children’s stores
Toy storesFood stores
Tourist stores
Design stores
Present stores


Here are some examples of our nationwide retailers:



Apoteket AB

Apoteket Hjärtat






Team Sportia

Lloyds Apotek






For more retailers in your area, contact us


As a private person you can buy our products online at this webshop

Babyfrog.se, Apotea.se, Babyland.se

Do you want to be one of our retailers?

When you become a retailer for Popomax you will get continued support from us. We will supply you with marketing materials and help you with ideas to be able to present our products in the best possible way in your store. We are here to help you succeed.


Contact our friendly and talented sales staff for tips and advice:

Tel no: +46 8 755 87 27,

If you have any suggestions or ideas,
don't hesitate to contact us!
+468-755 87 27 | popomax[at]popomax.se

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