The history of Popomax


For decades the authorities in the Nordic countries have encouraged the use of personal reflectors for increased safety when walking out on the streets. Even though people knew that reflectors helped to save lives, they wasn’t much interest in actually using them. Reflectors were hard, awkward and uncomfortable to wear because of the constantly tangling string and the sharp pin.Two innovative engineers, Ewa Romö and Kersti Kempe, found a solution that changed all that...

The Popomax story began in 2002 when Ewa and Kersti started an interesting discussion about the possibility of creating a demand for innovative, creative yet useful products. It didn’t take too long from the thought to production and sales of the Glimmis reflector we have today. In a short time Kersti and Ewa revolutionised the Swedish, and even the international reflector market. They succeeded in relaunching an old and boring safety product, with its tangled string and an unsafe pin, with the cool, stylish and safe Glimmis reflectors. They quickly became market leaders.

Today there are over 100 different Glimmis’ to choose from and there are constantly new motifs, shapes and colours being added to the collection. The Glimmis reflector is easy to wear and there is one to suit every personality and interest. It has become fun to wear a reflector, not just safe.

The Glimmis reflectors have been followed by a range of other functional, practical and designed products. Interest from the global market is rising and Popomax is now looking at international expansion.

Our ambition is to create innovative and user friendly products, with focus on function and quality. We hope that you enjoy using our products as much as we like making them!

Ewa Romö

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