15 Jun 2015

My first reflector

Take care of yourself and your newborn baby, place a reflector on the stroller and diaper bag to make you visible to drivers when you are out walking. It could save your lives.❤


10 Jun 2015

Reflectors are necessary for your visibility

Learn how to be seen when out walking, running or biking.

This film show you, in a funny way, how easy it is to be seen - and safe!


21 May 2015

Popomax keeps Sweden tidy

It feels good to do good! Popomax supports the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation and today Popomax made Enebyberg clean. Butts, plastic bags, tires, lighters, plastic tubes, cups, beer cans, etc. are now removed from out beautiful nature. A well-deserved barbecue at Rösjöbadet ended a lovely day.

23 Apr 2015

Winner named in the reflector design contest

During the winter season of 2013/14 Popomax offered a design competition where the goal was to design a new reflector. The winning contribution is now being produced under the category Designers Collection. The winner, Johanna Eriksson, designed a new concept of steady reflectors with a push button that fits well on bags, sleds, bikes, walkers and strollers. Stylish, smart and functional!

A variety of colors and patterns will be presented during the fall and winter 2015-2016.

First up are the collections:
Retro, Bullseye and Animals

Learn more

10 Apr 2015

Celebrate Pippi Longstocking’s 70th anniversary!

Pippi is probably one of the most popular children’s book characters in the world, standing up for girls simply by being herself. Saturday 23 May, it's a really big birthday party at Skansen in cooperation between Saltkråkan, Astrid Lindgren's World and Raben & Sjogren. Popomax will be there to celebrate Pippi and showcase our Pippi products. Please come and visit us!

Special edition Pippi 70 years - a Nice packaging with both Pippi Handy holder and a Pippi reflector
Retail price: SEK 79

Pippi Långstrump specialutgåva från Popomax

18 Feb 2015

Keep Sweden Tidy

he Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation is a creator of public opinion that promotes recycling and combats litter through public awareness campaigns, awards and environmental education. The Foundation strives to influence people's attitudes and behavior in order to encourage a sustainable development.

Tove Jansson loved the sea and nature. To her, preserving the environment was a matter of course. Her love for nature is often reflected in the world of Moomin, not least in “Moominpappa at sea”. Tove spent her summers on her beloved island, Klovharun, in the Pellinge archipelago. In the 70s, Tove and her brother Lars produced several Moomin posters, exclusively for the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, campaigning for “Saving the Baltic Sea”. By purchasing this product, you contribute to the foundation’s work – to spread knowledge to school kids and parents about the environmental effects of littering.


For each product sold we will donate SEK 1 to the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation´s work to spread knowledge to school kids and parents about the environmental effects of littering.

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