Glimmis brooch
- the perfect present for female relations and friends.

Our popular Glimmis Brooch is an attractive accessory as well as being an approved reflector. It pins easily to coats, jacket, scarves, hats and bags adding a special touch. Those that wear reflectors can be seen by drivers much more clearly from longer distances than those without. Most accidents involving pedestrians happen in built-up areas with street lighting because the driver didn’t see the person in time to stop. Therefore a reflector is equally beneficial in the city as it is in the countryside (Source NTF). It’ is best to have reflectors all year round. It’s not just in autumn and winter when the evenings are darker, evenings in spring and summer can be dark too. If you are seen, you are safe. So wearing a Glimmis brooch is a simple yet stylish and
effective life insurance.

Product description

The brooch is available in several colour combinations. White with black leaves, black with black leaves, white with brown leaves and brown with brown leaves.

• Reflects in a cars dipped headlights from a distance of 125 m.
• Made in Sweden
• Tested and approved by SP- Sweden’s Technical Research Institute
• Glimmis’ fulfill requirements for personal reflectors (EN 13356) and is CE-approved.
• An original Swedish product that is exported all over the world.
• Reflective material of highest quality from 3M.
• Glimmis’ are perishable and should be replaced after a lot of use. If the Glimmis is damaged or dirty it’s reflective ability is compromised.

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