Handy is a smart slimline solution for keeping your regularly used cards and important things together and easily accessible. For example credit cards, tickets, hotel key, ID card, library card, cash or driving license. A Handy can be used by children, teenagers and adults alike. It’s practical to have in your pocket, purse, school or sports bag. It’s very practical for children to keep their essential things like travel card, pocket money and house key safely together in their coat pocket or school bag.
Many women say they are more organised with help of a Handy in their handbag, as it separates their regularly used cards from everything else and makes them quickly accessible. This product is also great for men, as they don’t always want to carry a bulky wallet. Especially for evenings out, going to the gym, special occasions or sports events. A Handy slips easily into a trouser pocket containing just the essentials that you need without being visible.

Product description

The Handy is available with a variety of images and in many different colours and patterns. Something to suit all ages and interests. For example, you can choose a dog or a cat, roses, footballs, a city skyline, crocodile skin and many many more.

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